The five plants even I can’t kill

March 17, 2021

Don’t have a green thumb? Neither do I! I love having live plants around my home, but with 4 kids, I don’t always remember to keep up with them 😬.

Here are five types of plants that I’ve found even I can’t kill.

1. Spider plant

This is probably my absolute favorite houseplant. I just love the way the leaves hang and grow offshoots. They are SO easy and adapt to almost anywhere you put them (especially when they are mature). You can use the offshoots to plant new ones as well! I water these just a tiny bit every couple of weeks, and they do great. Put them in full sun if you want them to grow like crazy. Water them less if you want them to grow more tiny “babies”.

2. Pothos

Another favorite of mine. Pothos is a wonderful “full” plant that you can use in any place that you need to take up a little bit of empty space. They can tolerate full or low light, and I only water them maybe once a week.

3. Cactus

As long as you have some sunlight, that’s really all you need to keep your cactus alive! I think cacti give off a really neat vibe in a home. I only water mine once a month with just a tiny bit of water (you can try spraying them, too, for a more even water).

4. Palm

I used to think palms were very hard to keep alive, then someone told me that you just have to water them daily, and I was able to bring mine back to life (this one was down to one tiny leaf and a couple of dead branches)! The key here is watering them a bit every day and making sure they are in a room with a good amount of sunlight. If you do these two things, you will be able to keep your palm alive and thriving :). If you don’t have a lot of natural light, don’t worry – they actually make some really nice artificial palms these days. I have some of those in my house too!

5. Snake Plant

The snake plant is very similar to the cactus. You really don’t have to do much at all! I water my snake plants every two weeks to once a month, and they always look healthy and bright. They are slow growers, so if you want a large one, make sure you purchase it already mature.

Bonus tip: If you still can’t keep these plants alive, I’m totally okay with artificial plants – as long as they look real! Avoid fake plants that look too much like plastic, they can look a bit tacky. Artificial plants have really improved over the last few years, and they still brighten your mood in ways that real plants do – so add some greenery to your home whether it’s real or not!

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